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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Proven Process Design & Equipment Packages





Symphonic Waters offers unique process design & custom equipment packages for industrial wastewater treatment with proven track records. 


In 2020, Symphonic Waters was acquired and is now a Probst Group Company.


Thomas Probst, the principal of the company has over 40 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment. Over this time, strong relationships of trust and reliability have been developed throughout the industry. Combining this experience with a new generation of engineers offers Symphonic Waters a unique perspective and capability.


Competitive Advantage

The patent pending and proprietary industrial oriented concepts put forth by Symphonic Waters allow our company to stand out from the rest. Our greatest competitive advantage comes in the form of our unique process and equipment packages tailored specifically to the industrial market. We have solid track records in the dairy, food processing, and landfill leachate business niches.

Similar to the conductor of an orchestra, Symphonic Waters employs knowledge, experience, and client focus to create a harmonious blend of efficient & cost-effective industrial wastewater solutions serving consultant groups, and engineering firms as well end-user organizations.

Symphonic Waters’ core value is creating a harmonious blend between cost and quality.

We are an energetic, motivated and reliable group of people who share a strong commitment to integrity, transparency and open communications. We will deliver the highest value industrial wastewater solutions to you.

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