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SymBrane™ Tubular Crossflow Ultrafiltration Membrane System

Superior Aeration System

Symphonic Waters is now a Probst Group Company.

 Aerobic SymBR™

Aerobic SymBR™ consists of a biological treatment stage where pollutants are converted into water, carbon dioxide, nitrates, sulfates, and biomass (microorganisms), followed by a membrane filtration stage to separate out the solids and biomass.


Aerobic SymBR™ is particularly effective at converting organic and some inorganic pollutants into particulate that can then be removed. We size our processes to conform to client’s hydraulic and organic loadings as well as to the specific character of their wastewater. In general, our aerobic treatment is most economical for influent COD levels of 5,000/mg/L and below.

 Competitive Advantage of Aerobic SymBR™

  • Excellent effluent quality - virtually no suspended solids released so as to comply with most effluent discharge regulations

  • High permeation rates with proprietary Aerobic SymBR™ process configuration

  • Aerobic SymBR™ incorporated with SymBrane™ system has small site footprint & odor free, clean, dry building – not submerged in a treatment tank

  • No solid liquid separation chemicals required

  • Remote monitoring and control allows full automation for unattended service

  • More consistent & reliable compared to conventional activated sludge systems

  • Bioreactor configured specifically for industrial applications

 Unique Technologies used in Aerobic SymBR™

  • SymBrane™ Tubular Crossflow Ultrafiltration Membrane System

  • Superior Aeration System

 Retrofit using Aerobic SymBR™

Aerobic SymBR™ can help you dramatically increase the effluent quality of an existing aerobic treatment system while maintaining low capital and operating costs.

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