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Symphonic Waters is now a Probst Group Company.

 SymX™ Pellet Reactor

SymX™ Pellet Reactor (fluidized bed pellet reactor) is an effective technology for calcium removal water softening. In addition to water softening, the removal of calcium improves the efficiency of reverse osmosis systems. Using a pellet reactor before ion exchange processes can reduce salt consumption and the necessity for backwash.

 Competitive Advantage of SymX™ Pellet Reactor

  • Small footprint

  • Pilot unit available for onsite testing purposes

  • Compared to lime softening, SymX™ Pellet Reactor doesn’t produce sludge

  • 25% water savings compared to RO

 SymX™ Pellet Reactor Pilot Unit

A key benefit of exploring the SymX™ Pellet Reactor technology is that we can offer you confidence in our technology before installation of a full-scale system Symphonic Waters has pellet reactor pilot units available for rental. The pilot units are trailer mounted systems capable of demonstrating the effectiveness of the pellet reactor process. The units are housed within towable trailers that feature a side access door as well as a rear ramp.​

Tests completed on the feed solution before and after processing can be used as an analysis of the system’s effectiveness. The system will be able to produce between 2 to 5 gallons per minute of treated flow in typical water softening applications. This flow allows us to determine the effectiveness of the full-scale system. 

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