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Memos Membrane Modules Systems

Symphonic Waters is now a Probst Group Company.

 SymBrane™ Tubular Crossflow Ultrafiltration Membrane System

SymBrane™ technology features inside-out tubular crossflow filtration that uses a pressure gradient across the semi-permeable membrane to separate low and high molecular weight solutes. The system effluent, called permeate, passes through the membrane wall while suspended solids, macro-molecules, bacteria, and some viruses contained within the feed solution are retained and exit as the concentrate. 

Symphonic Waters’ partnership with German membrane manufacturer MEMOS Membranes Modules Systems GmbH allows Symphonic to be the exclusive US provider of MEMOS membrane modules.

The SymBrane™ system has a strong track record in industrial applications. Our engineering team’s experience and understanding of both bioreactor and membrane system design is the key to the success in these high quality installations.

 Competitive Advantage of SymBrane™ System

  • 10% more membrane surface area per module

  • Excellent permeate and effluent quality with a small footprint

  • Separate reusable 316 SS module housing with replaceable membrane elements

  • Replacing only the interior membrane element = significant cost savings during module replacement

  • Stand alone system for easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Improved membrane durability when compared to standard fiberglass housed modules

  • US module stock available

  • Complete instrumentation package with US sourced, high quality components

  • Pilot unit available for testing purposes

  • An industry-leading, full 2-year warranty unlike other UF membrane manufacturers who provide a 1 or 2 year prorated warranty

  • Memos Membrane Module System

 SymBrane™ System Applications

Anaerobic Applications

Aside from artificially high ammonia levels, the SymBrane™ system permeate in the below case study would have been suitable for direct surface water discharge.

Note that this particular site adds ammonia as a nutrient to their treatment process, thus artificially increasing ammonia levels greatly.

Aerobic Applications

SymBrane™ system effluent quality in aerobic applications is typical of that found with secondary plus tertiary treatment process, yet maintains the capital and operating costs characteristic of a single stage secondary unattended sludge treatment process.

UF-Aer Retrofit.PNG
UF-Ana Retrofit.PNG

 Unique Technologies used in SymBrane™

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