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SymValue™ Service

We are not just a supplier in wastewater treatment process design and equipment packages, we are your partner to work with on your wastewater treatment needs.  We stand by our products with higher than industrial standard warranty, we take pride of what we do, and we want to make sure you would be happy choosing to work with us too.

 The following services are provided for all Symphonic Waters products:

• Expert on-site startup assistance

• On-site operator training with webinar follow-up training

• Standard warranty

 The following additional services are provided with the SymBrane™ System:

• Automatic monitoring, alarming & historical logging of key performance indicators

2-years full warranty on membrane modules

• Remote monitoring for 1st year

       o Trending performance

       o Early warning

       o Remote troubleshooting assistance from our engineers

• CIP chemicals

       o Supply specifically compounded for use with Symbrane™ membrane

       o Operator training 

Symphonic Waters is now a Probst Group Company.

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